In music it's all about the sound. The sound is unique for each drummer. Whether it is the thunderous thump of the bass drum or the piercing crack of the snare. Your sound is your signature.

This is the drum support to help achieve Vernon J.'s sound:


Wine Red Electric Blue Sparkle Red
Tom 8x10 Tom 10x10 Tom 10x10
Tom 10x10 Tom 12x10 Tom 14x16
Tom 12x12 Tom 14x16 Kick 16x16
Tom 14x16 Kick 18x18  
Kick 18x22                                

Vernon J. plays snare drums that range in size:
3" x 13" (Speckled Steel)
5" x 13" (Steel)
5" x 14" (Sparkle Red)
5" x 14" (Custom Snare)

Vernon J. exclusively endorses Soultone Cymbals

All of Vernon J.'s cymbals include his signature
20" Custom Brilliant Ride 14" Extreme Hi-Hats
14" Custom Brilliant Crash 14" Extreme Crash
14" FXO B6 Crash 12" FXO Splash
12" Custom Brilliant Splash 9" Gospel Splash